Tahqeeq Nama, GC University - Lahore

تحقیق نامہ

Department of Urdu, Government College University Lahore
ISSN (print): 1997-7611
ISSN (online): 2706-6991

Plagirism Policy

Any reproduction of text from other sources without explicitly mentioning them is plagiarism. Production of same text, results, or content with different titles of an author(s) is self-plagiarism. Tahqeeq Nama does not tolerate and it discourages any form of plagiarism. The Journal will check the plagiarism with the software recommended by HEC. The team of the journal also check it manually. If plagiarism is found in any manuscript at any stage, 1st scrutiny, reviewing or editing, the author(s) will be informed to cite the sources or reconsider the content, otherwise the manuscript will not be processed further. The similarity index of manuscript with other sources should not be more than 19% as determined by HEC Pakistan. If similarity index exceeds 20% the author(s) will be asked to reconsider the text, otherwise the paper will be rejected and the same will be notified to the author(s).

The author(s) must declare that his/her reserach is original and is not submitted elsewhere. An undertaking form can be downloaded from the website for this purpose.

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Dr. Saima Iram

Chief Editor

Chairperson Department of Urdu, Government College University, Lahore

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Dr. Almas Khanum


Department of Urdu ...

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