Tahqeeq Nama, GC University - Lahore

تحقیق نامہ

Department of Urdu, Government College University Lahore
ISSN (print): 1997-7611
ISSN (online): 2706-6991

Published Research Paper in Tahqeeq Nama won the Best Research Paper Award by HEC

It is immense pleasure to announce that A research paper published in Tahqeeq Nama, vol. 20, (January-June 2017), titled "علامہ اقبال، ہائیڈل برگ اور 'ایک شام'" written by Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood Sanjarani, Department of Urdu, GC University Lahore, has won the first ever Best Research Paper Award in Urdu by HEC, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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