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قیامِ پاکستان کے بعد اردو لسانیات کے بدلتے رجحانات

  • Azeemullah Jindran/
  • Muhammad Arshad Owaisi/
  • June 30, 2020
Trends of Urdu Liguistics in Post-Pakistan era
Linguistics, Pakistan, Urdu liguistics, Applied linguistics, post-independence period

    This article deals with the discussion about Urdu Linguistics. It covers the era of Urdu linguistic studies perspectives spanned over post-independence period particularly in Pakistan. The study of Urdu linguistics sought new angles and new dimensions after the establishment of Pakistan Applied linguistics and stylistics got emphasis hereby structural analysis of Urdu language become popular. The study of language in its religio-socio cultural perspective became the topic of hot discussion phonology and grammar became the other important topics of research in post-independence period.  Some work upon coining of new terms was also visible. However, Urdu lexicography in Urdu Linguistics is still under developed range. It awaits due attention.


Azeemullah Jindran

PhD Reserach Scholar

Department of Urdu, Garrison University, Lahore


Type: Article
Volume: 25
Issue: 1
Language: Urdu
Id: 11
Pages 109 - 118
Published June 30, 2020


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